Vocational animation

We carry out this mission with prayer to the Lord of the harvest and with the testimony of our consecrated life, using all the means that favor an effective way of presenting the value of the religious missionary vocation, instilling courage and security in young people who discover the seed of a vocation

Vocational discerniment

During the vocational accompaniment, a process of discernment is carried out with the young woman in an atmosphere of listening, dialogue, prayer and knowledge of the life and charism of the Congregation so that she can make a free vocational option and responsible.

Admission of the candidate

We welcome candidates as a gift from God and as our sisters. With the testimony of life, an expression of our love, we help them feel at home. We try to make them participants in our community and congregational experience, valuing the richness of their talents and gifts, respecting each of them with their own qualities and limitations.


The pre-novitiate is a phase of vocational discernment, in which the formanda seeks to know the charism of the Congregation and gradually adapt to it. For her part, the Congregation can evaluate the suitability of the candidate for religious life as a Claretian Missionary. During this time, the formanda, accompanied by the formator, is helped to know her own aptitudes for living in community and progressively assuming the demands of our missionary life.


The novitiate is the period of formation in which the novices get to know better the vocation they have received and the charism of the Congregation, experience our lifestyle and confirm their intention and their suitability. In personal, community and liturgical prayer, in confrontation with the Word of God, in evangelical asceticism and in acceptance of the mystery of the cross, in studying and living the elements of the charism, the novices grow in understanding the meaning and needs of own vocation.


In this stage due importance is given to study, the practice of the evangelical counsels and the assimilation of the charism of the Congregation. The formation process is systematic, it includes the dimensions: human, spiritual, apostolic, theological and technical, taking into account personal possibilities and aptitudes.

Perpetual profession

Our religious consecration is a mystery of love, communion and covenant with God, the Church and the Congregation. We live it in community, through the practice of the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, in the total and definitive donation of ourselves to the Lord.

On going formation

Fidelity to our missionary vocation and the response to the transformations through which humanity is undergoing demand from us continuous formation at a spiritual, theological, apostolic and technical level. It develops in experience, in prayer, in study and in reflection, in harmony with the Gospel, the charism of the Congregation, the directives of the Church and the needs of the mission.